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Lynne Shapiro - Drone Poem

Lynne Shapiro - Drone Poem

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Experimental book for " Drone Poem," written by Lynne Shapiro during her "Bee Time" artist residency at Emerson College, England, in 2017. It won first place in the Remembrance Day for Lost Species Poetry Competition in Dublin, Ireland, earlier this year.

Only 150 copies of each cover were made (two different covers)
The foldout comes in a dry stamped envelope in French paper in a silkscreened limited edition box. 

We will try to ship before Christmas, if not the first week of January.

Design: Letra Muerta Inc. - Oriana Nuzzi and Faride Mereb.
Photography: Daniela Spector.
Typeface: Chaparral Pro by Carol Twombly.
Printing, dye-cut, and binding: Letra Muerta Inc, with the help of Liz Morles. 
Laser cut for covers: Nicole Aptekar.
Silkscreen by The Circadian Press

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